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Hey beauties, my name is Kayley, the founder of Skin Nutrition.  I’m in my late thirties, and time is disappearing before my eyes.  After having two babies I returned to my job as a flight attendant, surrounded by beautiful women who knew the newest beauty tips and the best treatments to stay young. I realised I had been out of the beauty loop for so long and wanted back in. My skin was less plump, I had more wrinkles and oh shit I was actually getting old, my face was the first sign.

So how do I combat these (new) wrinkles? The best tip from my fellow trolley dolly’s was BOTOX.  So, off I went, and had my face jabbed so it couldn’t move. This made me feel like I was freezing those wrinkle suckers, along with the aging process.  But after a divorce, no money and studying full time, I realised I couldn’t maintain the jabs every three months (and I was convinced my eyelids were sagging).


What next? In 2018, I finally completed my Bachelor of Health Science Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine. In the last six months of the degree I had the realisation that so many men and women are dedicated to anti-aging externally, but I wanted to teach people how to combat anti-aging internally. I know the nutrients required by the skin. I know as we get older these are depleted. And I understand the structure of the skin, and how to replace what is being lost over time.

I would describe myself as a type A personality. I love routine. I am dedicated to the health and wellbeing of myself and my family. I eat healthy 90% of the time, I drink two litres of water daily, and I exercise 3-4 times per week. I also take time to enjoy the good things in life too, like a quality pinot noir from my local area on the Mornington Peninsula.


My passion is skin.  Nourishing and protecting our largest organ from the inside.

 I want to look good and feel good and help others with the same desire.

Let me offer advice.

I began researching collagen, and other natural supplements that contain nutrients and found that they are not only beneficial for our health, but are also beneficial for the integrity and youthfulness of our skin. I am a clinical nutritionist and have a great experience understanding how different functions within the body can affect the skin.  

I want to be able to share my knowledge with those who share the same interest in their skin as I do. I ensure that I have tried and tested all of the products that I provide and have chosen these specifically for their nutrients and quality.  I can recommend products for your individual needs, addressing your concerns regarding not just your skin but your health.

I hope you enjoy these natural supplements just as I do each day. Let’s all enjoy being beautiful from the inside out.



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